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  • Text on screen
  • Woman with pink top
  • Woman with beige top
  • Woman with red top
  • Mike Riggs
  • Woman on the right
  • Faith Hammon (woman in black)
  • Woman on the left
  • Woman in the middle
  • Woman on the right

Transcription Edit

Upbeat music. Shaky shot of a brightly-lit room full of people.

A black screen appears with white words: 'At CPAC this year, the wonks have some company'.

Three young women are standing against a wall, the two towards our right are laughing, talking (we can only hear the music) and looking at the camera whereas the third one is more focussed on the camera.

Black screen: 'WOMEN!'

A woman in a beige top appears in a close-up, shaking her head a little and looking at the camera.

Black screen: 'The Daily Caller sent Mike Riggs to speak to them'

A close-up of woman in a black outfit appears, she's laughing.

Black screen: 'Here's what the ladies had to say'.

A woman in a jacket and a pink top and a woman in a jacket and a red top appear.

Woman with pink top: We're here with our college Republicans from Indiana Wesleyan University trying to strengthen our Republican views.

Back to the woman in the beige top: Why am I here? Um, besides the obvious [holds up things mostly outside the camera frame] um -

Riggs, out of shot: You can hold up the obvious if you want to park [?] it on our website.

Woman: [holds up book] The obvious being...

Riggs: The War on Success.

Woman: Yes, The War on Success by Tommy Newberry.

Back to the women wearing pink and red respectively.

Riggs: Okay, and what are your pet issues?

Woman with pink top: Kat [perhaps Cat] would you like to answer this?

Woman with red top: What are my issues? [Woman with pink top nods.] [indecipherable].

Back to the woman in beige: Um, I don't know, my parents are really conservative and they kind of instilled those values to me and that's why.

Back to the two women.

Riggs: What are you ladies doing when you're not at CPAC? Besides being students I guess.

Woman in pink: We protest, we [laughs] just kidding.

Back to woman in beige.

Riggs: So you're another first timer.

Woman in beige: Yeah, I'm a first timer. [nods]

Riggs: Okay, so what do you think so far, what are your impressions.

Woman: [looks around] I just got here twenty minutes ago, it's really interesting, ah, there are a lot more people than I thought there would be.

Riggs: Ah, lots of cute conservative boys? [woman smiles and laughs just a little] Can you speak to that?

Woman: Ah, [nodding] I haven't been able to speak to that yet but I'll let you know indecipherable].

A sign with 'American Solutions' and '' on it appears on a board. The shot moves up so we can see it's being held by someone in a bald eagle suit (the bald eagle being a symbol of the USA). The music is starting up again. The eagle points with a wing at a woman in a suit to our right. She is handing out papers.

Black screen: REJECTED! "Leave me alone"

Close up of the besuited woman. She walks away. The camera moves haltingly back to the eagle.

Back to the three women from the start. Music stops.

Riggs: How many conferences have you gone to?

Woman on the right: This is... only our third together? [Woman on the left counts on her fingers.]

Woman in black: I'm Faith Hammon, and I'm working as publicist on site for Steven Baldwin and Kevin McCullough, and I'm also the even planner behind CPAC.

Two new women, one in white and black and one in white.

The former: It's electric. It's kind of an electric feeling here [the latter nods]. Everybody's excited, the want to learn more, they want to go back and do something about it in their communities.

Back to Faith: [Indecipherable] at nine o'clock in the morning, we have free wifi, we have video games, Xboxes, Wiis, Dance Dance Revolution on all day.

Back to the three women.

Riggs: Ah, what brings you here? To CPAC specifically. [They look at each other]

Woman on the left: Oh, conservative values, [raises a hand] rock on!

Back to Faith: [indecipherable] airing live from 9 to 5, we have different speakers and DVD screenings, and booths giving away free dip and dots and free iPods.

To three new women.

Riggs: And why are y'all here?

Woman on left: We're college Republicans and we're interested in a conservative movement.

Woman on right: And I'm also like helping [indecipherable] campaign for [breaks off, looks at the others, grins] I'm not gonna -

Riggs: Okay, so do you think that the event as a whole is cooler this year, like-

Faith: Absolutely it's cooler. I mean, 'cause especially when you dress up all day, you need a place to sit that's comfy besides those terrible conference chairs, so we have these fabulous black leather couches, which are actually really bouncy if you wanna try them. So that's the most comfortable place to hang out.

Back to the original three women.

Riggs: So I've heard that in previous years CPAC is kind of like nerdy-

Woman in middle: Seriously?

Woman on right: Ah, like do we look nerdy to you?

Back to the latest three women, though the one on the right is out of shot:

Woman on left: Ah the attendance is definitely way up.

Woman in middle: Well, I wasn't here last year, but I know they have [indecipherable] [shrugs at the woman on the left].

Riggs: Huh. Lots of cute boys? Have you seen cute boys?

Woman on left: We're not here for boys -

Woman in middle: - yeah -

Woman on left: - we're here for politics.

Scrolling credits on a black screen, music starts up again.


'Congrats to CPAC for attracting women!
'Copyright The Daily Caller
'Produced by Mike Riggs
'Featured music Be Your Own Pet'

Transcriber Information Edit

Transcribed by Chally at Feministe on 2010-02-23.

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