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What's Allowed, What's Not

This place should have transcripts from whatever video, podcast, or whatever that needs transcribing.  This includes describing what's going on in a music video, for example.

Note: Lyrics do not go here.  For lyrics, see Lyrics@Wikia.

Transcribing should be accurate and as free of editorial commentary as possible.  Describe audience reactions, try not to interpret.  When in doubt, get literal: "About 45% of the audience claps, for a duration of 5 seconds."

I have not yet run into a situation where someone doesn't want a video or podcast, that they have the rights to, transcribed.  I imagine that if it happens, just remove the transcript, and leave the video link up, so people can still go to the video and transcribe it themselves, if need be.

Page Naming

For naming a page, name it whatever the video's home page has named it.  For example, for this video, the page title would be: "Cutest Scottish Fold Ever"

We can worry about page duplication later on in life.  At this point, what matters most is getting transcripts put in.

Page Content

Use the New Media template to add new content.  That will help you upload a transcript without having to do a bunch of typing, plus it maintains page style consistency.

Place a blank line between speakers.  If the video is a long speech, try to break up the speech in a logical fashion, so that visitors do not experience a Wall O' Text.

I will see if I understand Wiki coding enough to put in a Google Translate link on each page, so that one can visit the page in whatever language they need.

If you are doing the transcribing and a portion of the video is garbled, just put [garbled] or something similar where the garbled text is.

If a video is considered not safe for work (for nudity, language, and so forth), please put {{NSFW}} at the top of the page.  Go to the Templates page for more information on what templates are available, and how to use them.

Permission / Credit

Always try to get permission from a transcriber before you post a transcription.  And always credit a transcriber, whether that be yourself or someone else.


Categories are the video source (YouTube, CNN, Daily Show, &c).  Or, it's "podcast", for podcasts.

Final Notes

If there's anything else I'm missing, feel free to post something on the Talk section of this page!  Yay discussion.

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