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  • Voiceover
  • Two women

Transcription Edit

Video shows a collection of images of women from the DRC and Rwanda, including both still photos and video. Images include women smiling, embracing each other, teaching in a classroom, holding their children, and working.

Voiceover: Women across the globe are living amidst violence, yet dreaming of peace. Women for Women International is asking you to join us to honor women survivors of war. March 8th is International Women's Day. Join me, along with thousands of women and men on bridges around the world. Join us in solidarity with women of both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who will unite to call for an end to war.

Two women: (speaking into camera, each giving a "thumbs up" sign) Join me on the bridge

Voiceover: Join me. Say yes to peace and hope.

Women for Women International logo

Transcriber Information Edit

Transcribed by Cara at Feministe on 2010-03-05.

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